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Prince of Saiyans / 賽亞人王子 

Art by Collection by VC

- 30x20" stretched canvas / 76x50cm 背板畫佈
- Limited to 25 / 限量25幅
- Signed and numbered by artist / 創作者簽名

- Art Concept / 創作概念:
Despite having the blood of royalty running through his veins, he possesses the hardest work ethic in the game, pushing himself to the absolute limit with only one goal in mind: to be the best ever. This month, VC morphs Kobe into the prideful Vegeta, the Prince of Saiyans, who is hated and loved for the exact same reasons for his arrogance and lone wolf tendencies. And with 20 years of accomplishments plus five rings later, he is superior above all but shall remain forever casted in the shadow of the "one and only"... .

儘管體內流著的是代表「天之驕子」的血液,他依舊拿出全聯盟最瘋狂的練習態度把自己逼到極限,一切只為了達成心中唯一的目標:成為史上最強。VC 在此將 Kobe 形塑為賽亞人的驕傲:達爾,敘述著他如何以狂傲且孤僻的性格成為一個被喜愛與憎恨於完全相同原因的另類角色,而在經過20年來的征戰旅途儘管累積了無數榮耀、手上握有五枚冠軍戒、鞏固了在歷史中萬人之上的地位的同時,卻擺脫不了永遠活在「那一人」陰影之下的宿命……。

Kobe Vegeta 賽亞人王子 Canvas 30"x20"

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